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Lend to monetize your wardrobe and keep it too  

90% off

all the items you love

Rent to experience unlimited fashion

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1 planet

Fast fashion is hurting it

Save it with Garmie,

one style at a time

Done! See you soon ;)

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Rental Revolution!



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We have the solution...


Explore Your Style

Fashion is all about self expression and exploring your identity. Sustainable fashion should bear no limits on that...which is why we've created Garmie! Sharing the items we already have gives us unlimited access to all the items we love for prices we (and our planet) can afford.

Now that's a bargain!


Connect With Your Garmies

What better way to meet new people and make new friends than by letting your clothes hang out?!

Byeee closet envy...go green with Garmie ;)


Discover Your Creativity

Yes, your wardrobe just got a whole lot bigger. And with that your creative unleashing awaits... Be bold. Be different. Share your style and dress to express!

Connect With Your Garmies

Discover Your Creativity

Explore Your Style


Do you ever feel like you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Frustrated that sustainable fashion is so expensive, confusing and restrictive?

We're on a mission to democratize fashion, minimize the cost and maximize the value. If life is a catwalk, you're taking centre stage!

Well, SAME. Dw though, Garmie is coming soon...

and we got your back.





Ever wish you could wear something just once?

Don't work for your wardrobe,

Let your wardrobe work for you!

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