Help! We're in a Love Triangle

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Sustainable Fashion is ticking all our boxes right now. They're kind, they care about us. They never make us feel bad about ourselves. They're fun! And pretty cute, too. They make everything better for everyone. They're the bring-home-to-meet-your-mama type. And crucially, they are sooo available rn.

BUT...(you knew that was coming) why do we find is so hard to commit to Sustainable Fashion? We're scared to call it exclusive in case we mess it up, and we will mess it up. No matter how much our bamboo t-shirts can sweep us off our feet, at best there will be some person who tells us they're actually not as eco-friendly as we might think🙄 At worst, the F-word will always seduce us (Fast-Fashion🤷‍♀️). Whether it's the 'SALE'. The sparkly dress. The leather boots. Whatever it is - it's so bad it's good and you know you want it.

So what do we do about this conundrum? Sustainable Fashion and Fast Fashion are fighting over us. We know Sustainable is the one. But it's so damn hard to resist our guilty love affair with those brands which are so damaging yet somehow so tempting. Ugh. We need to cut ties.

Or do we?

Enter Garmie: your open relationship with Sustainable Fashion. They're our true love, who we want to stick with through and through. We want to grow old with Sustainable Fashion and, together, make this world a better place. But yeah - we do still want that sparkle on the side 😉

So, we don't need to sneak around and fear being seen with Unethical Items all over us. We share, instead. Remember all those years of countless, meaningless flings with this item and that? ('I love it' at the time, 'over it' two wears later - we've all been there!). Speaking of which, we've collectively accumulated £30 billion worth of these 'phases' 🤯 Well, rest assured your oldie is indeed someone else's goodie. We lend, borrow, wear, share and repeat to our hearts' content - without ever having to make another bad footprint on the world we love so dearly. In fact, it's the most sustainable option of all! Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too.

So join us! We wanna raid your wardrobe and we're sure you'll want a piece of ours 😉


Credit: sticker by @visualnumnums

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